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Preventing Spam - 2007/02/26 07:20 There are a number of things you can do to reduce spam and although the advice I'm giving here is specific to phpnuke, they could apply to any other site which has dynamic content.

If your site offers some security features like security codes/images or CAPTCHA's then turn them on and use them.
Sure' they are slightly inconvenient for your users, it takes a couple of seconds to type it in BUT consider that without them, YOU might be spending HOURS searching for spam.
Which would you rather do?
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Re:Preventing Spam - 2007/02/26 07:51 Indeed guardian,

It still amazes me that the captcha isnt used that often on many sites.
I only seem to needed it with my registration form.
Sometimes i noticed a new weird member and they managed to register without being on my site.
But thats over now,and can you imagine how this will go on other sites that dont do anything ?

They like the many members so much they are blind for whats happening on their site..

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