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Disipal code ripped, about to close site.. Print

PHP-Nuke community is the biggest in the world, from users who just use PHP-Nuke to designers and coders, who make a ton of addons and themes, either free or commercial. What’s my point?
I am part of this community, making themes and addons, most of you know me, either from my designs, or well knowed module PHP-Nuke Tools.
And this is my complaint. There were always problems with people removing legal copyright of the coding, or even just copying parts of the code and called it theirs. I always gave permission of copying parts, adding my content into other modules or even porting into other systems. As long as, my copyrights remain intact, I get my sites traffic out of these copyrights as most of you do. What do I get out of this? Just helping others, and offering back all the goods that PHP-Nuke has given me?
But this is too much; recently a story was published at “HTML To PHP Converter” by KenetixN, he did a great job with this module just like his designs, but HTML to PHP? This was part of PHP-Nuke tools from day one. He just changed its appearance a bit added a few tables, and renamed my JavaScript and just add it there. The code which took me hours to make, I wouldn’t mind if he had asked my permission and added my copyright there.
But this is unacceptable and I request some explanations on this matter. Most of you don’t care, but am sure that you all care when your copyrights are removed from your work. Its time something to be done with these people. I tried contacting him I got no answer, probably doesn’t have anything to say about his actions.
Therefore unless he removes my code from there or even asks for written permission, I will be closing, because am just bored to waste all this time to deal with people ripping of my designs and codes.
Sorry for any inconvenience but its time to take some action…

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Getting around the GPL : Guardian
Well, Gotcha had already done 99% of the work already so it was relatively easy.
I think an explanation of what needs to be done is too lenghty for a news comment so I might write something up on my site.
maart 19, 2007
minor changes : floppy
I am interested in the suggestions you gave gotcha as it will be a problem I soon have to overcome. If you don't mind sharing them with me also.

I will pm you my email addy.
maart 13, 2007
Last thought : Guardian
I just remembered something lol.
FB didn't give nuke the GNU GPL locense, I think it already had that when he stole it when it was called Thatware.
maart 13, 2007
GNU GPL : Guardian
Well I wouldn't say I'm an enforcer of GPL but it does give me the opportunity to explain where I stand with it.

Personally I love the principle of the GNU GPL license as it means people can use free code. If phpNuke had been distributed with a different license he could quite easily have encoded the whole thing and then we wouldn't be able to fix it or make add-ons for it as we would have no idea what global variables were available to us etc etc.

Whats more, every single developer could legally charge for every single modules/block or whatever they made which essentially would mean that nowhere near as many people would use phpNuke because every time they wanted to add something, it would cost them money. Money which most beginners do not have.

Having said all that, it is plain wrong and illegal for people to remove copyrights regardless of the license or anything else. In the case of theme developers they actually have an easy fix - distribute the images seperately. You cannot stop people from distributing the code but without the images, the theme is worthless.

For module developers things get really complicated. I have spoken to gotcha recently about his 'Shop' module because it was encrypted. Yes, I reminded him of the GNU GPL but also gave him some advice on how to overcome the problem. A couple of minor changes in the code means his Shop module can run independant of nuke so essentially, as it doesn't need nuke to work it is not covered by the GNU GPL license.

I can see in the future that more and more people will be paying closer attention to how the 'wrap' their code so they can distribute it with their own license. Personally I have nothing against this and welcome it. If you have a good product then you should be able to sell it without having to worry about the license and others then offering it for free.
maart 13, 2007
... : hitwalker
well i had a talk yesterday with disipal and his idea was to close the site a few minutes later,but luckely i could convince him not to do that as it effect his members and visitors and didnt seem right...
anyway, it looks like kenetix still didnt reply to any of disipals mails.
maart 12, 2007
Yup : xGSTQ
It will kill the nuke community eventually, Disipal has brought a lot to the nuke world and now intends to stand his ground.

Its the same for theme designers too unfortunately look at the few sites out there that are adding commercial themes and either selling them or offering them as a subscription.

maart 12, 2007
sorry to hear this : floppy
Man I am so sorry this happen to you, but its a common problem in the nuke world today.

I have begun my research into making nuke modules/block/addons with encoding and finding the ability to do so without overstepping the GNU/GPL. I know guardian is a big enforcer of the GNU/GPL, but it isn't enough and look what happens if we don't! GNU/GPL isn't gonna stand up for the rights of the everyday coder.

Anyway I am off to find a better way.
maart 12, 2007
... : hitwalker
yes its indeed sad huh....
anyway guardian...disipal showed me the code its all about.
And its his code only kenetix renamed it.
maart 12, 2007
Rippers : Guardian
I think a lot of the problem is with developers who consider they have made significant changes or improvements to existing code that they then think the code is unique to them and 'it is theirs'.
Sadly people do remove existing copyrights which as we all know is illegal, the GNU GPL does not allow you to do that, nor does anything else I am aware of.

Themes are a different issue, with regard to image copyrights but if what is reported here is true, that someone stole code and removed the existing copyrights then thats downright terrible.

Disipal, can you send me examples of where you see 'stolen' code, I would like to take action too by adding these people to my SPAM Stopper module.
maart 12, 2007
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