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Ravenphpscripts review
Our review on

How can you review a site where your online most of the time to help with Support?
Thats easy..i'll just start with the same complaint.....please use another theme then the current "fisubice",personaly speaking....its a boring theme.
Ravenphpscripts is run by the (opinionated) Gaylen Fraley aka Raven and is the captain of this successfull phpnuke support site offering a wide variety of forums,dealing with almost every problem you can think off.


Its also the address for sentinel su...


Review on Jaded designs
Our review on

Today we visited and given everything a closer look.First i changed the theme (dont like purple) and played some with the theme selector with over a 100 themes to look at.
Some things are closed and you have to be registered to view the content..
Jaded has been designing for some time now and is a over-active lady.
She also does Support on her forums,has a bunch of tutorials and you can do some theme shopping as well.


So if your looking for a custom designed theme then ma...


Review on Nukescripts
Our review on

Ok Nukescripts.NET doesnt realy need any introduction and no need to explain the how or what..
Owner Bob Marion could be seen as one of most heavy nukecoders around.
Bob Marion has allways been very active in creating his own mods as NSN.
To name some : NSN Archives,Articles Authors,Banner Ads,Categories,Center Blocks,Contents,Downloads,Encyclopedias ,Groups,Groups Downloads,IP Banner,Journals,Links,Mailing List,News,Reviews,Script Depository,Sections,Stories,Supporters,Themes,Theme System,To...

Review on Nukefixes
Our review on
Nukefixes is like a big shopping mall for fixes and Support.
It has tons of information scattered over a dozen forums and its likely you will find your fix there.
However,the force behind it all is chatserv and i do notice a litle downtime in updates and support when he's not around..
Currently some mods arent activated or unavailable.

A bad thing is the theme used (Helius) , after using it such a long time it deffinately needs something new,same goes for all sites belonging to the chatser...


Review on Nukeseo
Our review on started to put some search engine friendly aspects into nuke.
Using mod_rewrite for nice urls is a good start but a few extra tools to optimize everything would be nice to ..
Nukeseo has grown into a nice addon that can boost up your nuke performance.
Nukeseo can do the following for you:
Review and validate robots.txt, research keywords, keyword density, suggest keywords, maintain meta tags, generate and submit Google sitemap, submit your site to major search engines, monitor re...

Review on Flash for nuke
Our review on

It was maybe 3 years ago or so when flash suddenly became so popular to use in phpnuke,as a clock or game..
That was a nice kick off for Norbert of
Flash-for-nuke is a flash design for phpnuke sites and he will gladly help you out with any flash problem you might have.


So if your still looking for some nice flash goodies visit flash-for-nuke.



Review on Stefvar
Our review on

My visit to brought me in a french mood.
No suprise there cause is what you might call a french phpnuke Support site,basically because there wasnt much support in france.
So he decided to give it a shot and that turned out well.
But he does more then just support ,he also takes care of the french sentinel support and does the translation of sentinel in to french.


And for all kinds of problems you can visit his forum ,cause like many other webmaster...he likes to hel...


Review on EMS
Our review on

The website doesnt look nuke at all,but it is...
I know the website for some time and the modules he created are a bit simple.
But it might be exactly what your looking for.
Ems created Ems eGallery and Ems eCart,and the older Enhanced Contact Module.
What is a bit disapointing is that there arent any links in the menu to view the modules running as a demo,instead there are some links as.."Click here to view the module in action" my opnion thats not realy the way to promote you...

Review on Cybertipps
Our review on

Our visit today was at,the official german phpnuke sentinel Support site.
The site looks fresh and has a one column design.
Supporting the german sentinel fans isnt all they do,its also a nice address for any mod,blocks,and addons modifications.
Cybertipps has a support forum and moderated by owner Coldcut and asigned moderator Susann.


So if your german ,have questions about phpnuke security sentinel visit cybertipps , or go straight to the forums.

> For general sen...


Review on Devil nuke mods
Our review on
Our todays review is Who is he ?
We know that he lives is Newton IA , is married, has one son, and  is "a self taught programmer scripter" as he says.
How well do we know him realy ?
Not that much but still he has a bunch of great stuff published under his name..
Lets see what he made for this phpnuke community:
Server Uptime, Email on new forum topic, Private Message Emailer, Wall of Shame, Progress Bar, New Article Subscription, and probably most wanted...


Review on Disipal
Our review on

Today we were gonna shine a light on
The Phpnuke website owned by Marios Aslanidis from greece and mostly maintained by Disipal and VinDSL who has his playground at
www.disipal.NET is the author creator of phpnuke tools,the popular coverting tool.
It coverts HTML to PHP,HTML to ASP,HTML to JSP,HTML to PERL,HTML to Javascript,HTML to SWS and naturally the phpnuke module and block creators.
But disipal does more,they create phpnuke themes and the la...

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