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How to avoid bogus signups Print

Many people outhere are sometimes flooded by registrations.
But wake up....those aren't any real persons but simple said...its a "bot".
Realise that bots can register in anything that has a Registration form.
Once a bot has the proper pattern.
A simple stop would be it to add a profile field and set it as required, as bots wont know about this field and hence they wont be able to register with a registration string.
However its not fool proof cause a spammer can visit your site look at the registration form and figure out what fields are needed.

Read on.... 

Let me explain a bit...a form is a bunch of fields.
Once these fields are learned, they can be programmed into a bot which seeks out the fields to fill in and submit the form.
Captcha works as well.
Adds a field to forms with a math question.
However even that can be tackled with brute force from a bot that continues to post registration until it finally hits the proper math answer.
Text image works also making it harder for a bot to calculate whats necessary to get past registration.
Using both methods make it that much harder but again, not 100% fool proof.

But more simpler...if you run a site with an easy registration like big sites have then your ass belongs to the spammer.
On my site almost anybody can register but i decide if your accepted or not.
I recognized them one by one and trashed / denied the registrations i didnt trust......real or not.
Most bogus accounts comes from russia , germany, hungary , and romania.
That doesnt mean thats all,cause other sites may have noticed different countries.

Still phpnuke has a few flaws when it comes to ban SPAM and we will be discussing this in the new created anti spam forum HERE.
Moderated by Guardian of

Spam warnings forum 

Spam discussions forum  

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